"Magdalena is a highly skilled attorney. She is very hard-working and provides excellent representation to her clients.  I admire her tenacity and work ethic.  I highly recommend her services."

Carla Perez

Partner at Millar & Pérez Immigration Lawyers, PLLC

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SUMMAC LAW, PLLC is a boutique law firm specializing in preference litigation, receivership law, as well as bankruptcy and commercial litigation. We have extensive experience serving a wide range of clientele, from national corporations to small businesses and individuals.  We accomplish our clients' goals through strategic negotiation and quality representation.

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We focus on understanding your business and look at the legal problem as only one small part of your circumstances.  We provide sophisticated advice and consulting services regarding strategy, settlement, and litigation options.  Flexible payment solutions, including flat fees and contingency fees, may be available in some cases.  Please contact us for a free consultation.